Monday, September 11, 2006

First day at LIPA.

A strange day, I'd say.

Oh, but before I go into that...Breathe, Robin...Breathe..In my last post, I meant Steve Irwin, not Owen(thank you baby...don't know what I was thinking!)

Now LIPA....Got to meet a lot of new people...some nice, some not so nice. We arrived at LIPA at 10am for a talk on our prgoramme leaders and course leaders. Then we had lunch. And then more talks.

No dancing at the moment. Only lots of talks, and lots of "getting to know each other" kind of activities.

Had a bit ofa panic moment too, but that's a journal entry topic, not a blog one...if you know what I mean ;)

What else what else...well, i learnt how to link people to my blog! Yay!

I've just returned from a pub called the Pilgrim. Nice beer. A guinness copy called "Murphys"...its quite yummy, I'd say. Was there with Emma(not my flatmate...this is another norweigian girl at LIPA), and Catalina from Argentina and another very pretty girl from Norway whos name I can't remember. And a boy from a metal band. Hmmmm... damn. I'm really bad with names!

Going back to LIPA in another half an hour or so. The LIPA bar! mmm hmmmm. Tonight is a pub quiz. Don't know what that means...but I know if they ask about beer, i'll know enough! Hehehehe.



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