Saturday, August 26, 2006

Random, lucid thoughts.

People always say there are two ways of looking at things.

One way is to see everything the way it is, to concentrate on the good things in life.
And the other way is to see things the way they ought to be, and try to reach that goal.
Empirical and Normative.

But then,seeing how good life is the way it is, won’t catapult you into making things better. While if you see things the way they ought to be, then you're so dissatisfied, that the present goodness disintegrates and the negativity stares you in the face.

Another random thought...Isn't it true that there are no absolute goods in this world…we believe in love, and we believe in it’s goodness, but even love is only good when it is not followed by the will to possess…so it is not absolute because it has a condition attached to it in order to make it good…and that is precisely what prevents it from being absolutely good.

So, however happy we are, won't humans never stop looking at things the way they should be i.e. perfect and ideal.Absolutely good. And doesn't that mean there is no such thing as contentment?

But that is a disconcerting thought because everyone hopes to be content someday…but if we are constantly wondering how to make life better and easier and happier and more good, then we can’t possibly be content…

So then what is it like to feel contentment? And those who claim to be content..are they lying…? Or do they not have dreams to become better and happier, and lead fulfilling lives? When they say they are content and happy with lives do they mean they have the best, (which is not possible because they keep wanting to make things better even unconsciously) or do they mean they lead lives with no hope of a better future?

I'm puzzled. And content with this bewilderment.

That puzzles me even more. : )


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