Friday, August 25, 2006

Uh Oh

Looks like my last blog became a wee bit more controversial than i'd hoped. So, this is for anyone else who reads it and has the same misconceptions -

Im not feeling bad about life, and self-pity is not a word in my dictionary.

That particular post wasn't meant to be a feel-good post, so my creative writing is having the desired effect, that's all.

I wasn't attacking anyone, I was observing.

It's been a learning experience, and I was sharing it...

I said 'when we're busy we don't have time for people', NOT 'when you're busy, you dont have time for me.'

Yea, I felt alone. But after all, I was the only one doing "nothing", wasnt I?

I wrote about a resolve to never put anything before my relationships.

That's all..Its just a blog.

So, Hakuna Matata.


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