Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hello is this Shreya?
Startled by the phone ringing, I wake up drowsily. I expect a familiar voice, the one I wake up to on most days. But today its someone else.

Hello is this shreya?
No this is not shreya who is this?
I'm your friend.
Uhhhh...I dont think we know eachother.
Oh, i know we do..i might've gotten the name wrong, but i recognise that voice..

I hung up. There was someone who had been calling for a Shreya, but it was not this number. I see stalkers have multiple mobiles these days. And they're not afraid of the police. They're relentless and clever. And yet, these new qualities don't change them from being who they really are.
Alone, Desperate, Lonely. I feel sorry for them. And wish them all the worst in their future endeavours.


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