Sunday, August 27, 2006


I've been tagged. None other than The Nishi. But this blog is not about tagging at all. I don't know why I titled it that. Well, to be begin with, it was about 'being tagged' but then I said Nishi, and got reminded of my day today.

We spent 2 mindblowing hours together this evening. First in Khan market, (unfortunately my daily 'hang-out' place) frantically buying alcohol and munchies(hehe) for tomorrow...frantic because we were getting late for the Skinny Alley concert.

Into the Garden of five senses we walked. As we treaded the gravel path cautiously, our eyes adjusting to the darkness, I found myself wondering why this "Garden" was considered to be so spectacular. Frankly it was just about as spectacular as the french gardens surrounding the palace of Versaille. French manicured. Anyhow it had a charm of its own, I suppose. Slightly depleted by the loud wedding of two punjabis nearby.

We walked on, me with Nishi, Nishi with her pepper spray. Slowly the powerful voice of Jayshree Singh drifted into earshot. More and more excited with every step forward, we walked into the amphitheatre.

The next 60 minutes were what one would call breathtaking. Every hair on my body stood on end, as her voice, Amit's guitar, Gyan's bass, Jeffrey's keyboards and Jeffrey's drums(there are two Jeffreys) percolated my soul. I know it sounds cliched, but it really was like that. They reminded me of Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Led Zep, a bit of the Doors, and some other bands - all in one! Their song "Terrified" about a mental breakdown chilled me to the bone, "pleasures of surburbia" made me sway from side to side, "Little sister" moved Nishi, and their song about crimes in the name of religion brought tears to my eyes. Oh, and the song dedicated to us..."Schizoid"..i Loved it! Amit's solo "escape the roar" reminded me of a loved one i lost a few years ago. Good memories. Made me smile.

They ended, after an overwhelming demand for another 'tune', with Steely Dan's "Green Earrings".

After the concert, after i met them, after i was unwillingly interviewed by a mobile television company called bugzee or something, i bought their CD.

To take another piece of home, away with me.

And listening to them, I drifted off to sleep, and into my 21st year of existence...