Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another week..

I've been here for 3 weeks. I can't believe its been so long already. It doesn't seem so long when I moved into what was a bare empty lifeless room, which is now splashed with colours that only India would dare to bare! Not to mention the newly acquired posters of Miles Davis, John Coltraine, Salvador Dali, Pink Floyd and Audrey Hepburn.

And my room has been inhabited by another being. This is my roommate.

Eeeek. Simply refuses to go away! Sits there by the window, or swings from my curtain like Mogli, or takes a "stroll" around my room in the dark, and startles me with its unnerving buzzing noise. But living with someone, or in this case -'s all about adjusting isnt it? Am getting used to it.

Dance classes are challenging, but the work out is as satisfying.

Two of my dance classmates are still being a bit "snotty"...As Georgia, my greek friend, so eruditely put it, "They very very snob!...And we, we so open...both us..but they...Ohhhh! I should tell them- I dont want talk you either!!!"

The others are warming up to our darker skins and different accents though. Its a slow path, but its pretty straight forward. Be nice, invite them over for dinner. Offer to teach them some Indian dance...and they are ready to come over on sunday with a bottle of wine!! Yay!

I've learnt a lot even about myself by being here.
I've realised that I respond terribly to alarm clocks. The concept of a snooze button should NEVER have been invented.
I've realised that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and strenuous exercise on an empty stomach...makes you ill.
But on a more moralistic tone, it dawned upon me that being myself is my biggest strength. And no matter how much those english girls look through us international students in the corridors, not an ounce of my blood will ever start turning british. And no matter how many times I smile at them with not a twitch of their mouths in return, I'll just keep smiling at them. Because that's what I do.
I realise that when you live with people, they become your family. As Em said, "If you have three meals in a day together, you are Han,'re my family!!!"
I suddenly see why family is so important and that you can take them for granted as much as you want, but when you have that headache that's killing you, you want to go lie in between your folks on their bed or squeeze into a single bed with your sibling!
I recognise that when you love someone deeply, it's just beyond everything. Nothing matters..not time, not money, not other men or women(?), not the distance...everytime I talk to him, the rest of the world just melts into a blur.

The last two days have been tough. I've been a bit sick, and have had to continue dancing. Just sitting in class makes me feel like I'm wasting the money I paid to come here. So I've danced, coughed , sniffled and danced more.

Ohhh...I'm so tired. I'm going to bed.


Blogger Sine Qua Non said...

hope you're feeling better now.
love you, brave girl!

September 20, 2006 at 6:59:00 PM GMT+5:30  

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