Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Birthday

Ah...Happy birthday, 23 year old! I just wanted to wish you..this is just one of the ways. I'll go have a beer later, I promise!

I just didn't want to sound all sad and upset, you know. I was thinking of printing the lyrics of 'Lazarus' on today's blog, but I have a feeling you'd scoff and say, "That's so gay, sylvan goddess!" So I decided against it. :)

Hope all's well up there. Did you meet some of the people who really inspired you? I don't know why this one name's stuck in my head cos of the funny way in which you said it - Chuck Sculdiner(is that how you spell it?Or is it Schuldiner?)..You bumped into him yet?

I bet you're having a blast there, and also amused by all the happenings here, with us all. I can see you smirking at some of the things that have happened, and also smiling mischeviously at others.

Heh. It makes me smile to think of you. I was just telling my friend, Stian about your birthday a couple of days ago(all my friends here know all about you!) and he said I should celebrate it the way you would've! Haha. I don't think I could do that, though. I'd either have to start drinking whiskey at 8 in the morning, or I'd have to stay up all night.Or both! And you know how I'd get if I did either!

But sure, I'll celebrate. Ganesh, in his own way, taught me to do that, actually. It's Krishnaswamy, by the way, not Krishnaswami :P..but then again, you always spelled my last name wrong too. ;)

So much is changing in my life - I'm consolidating my career, I'm learning to accept a lot of things I didn't before, I'm so in'd be in tears with laughter seeing how hopelessly in love I am... I'm all grown up, tots. And happy.

All said and done, I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss you, your stupid phone calls(I was going to quote you, but I think you'd hate me for it, so I won't :P), your stupid promises to come visit (I know, I know..I promised too), you flipping your eyelids to freak me out, and giving me 'life lessons', and telling me about your EVS classes and how I should listen to metal, about your constantly-in-turmoil love life, and about how your friends aren't a bad influence on you(I'm sure you know how much I know of that now!). I'd also be lying if I said I haven't cried. If you are watching us all, you'll have seen the sadness and the tears, so I won't lie. But I also know it would've made you feel awful, so I intend to SMILE.

And here...I'm sending out a message for you, and just in case you do get it - I don't want to be it to be all sad and stupid.

So with a big smile, I'm sending you millions of really tight hugs, and lots of kisses, and uhh..I hope you're sensing my state of absolute euphoria at you having been such a huge part of my life! mWah!

Happy Birthday again. I love you, you stupid fellow! :)

p.s. I found one of your websites! Now you can go on ahead and continue to annihilate! Hehehe.