Sunday, November 12, 2006

I googled "Aranyani" and look what I found..

Was getting extremely bored since my friends seem to have ditched me on a saturday night! googled "aranyani" for a laugh, and found some really interesting, and some really odd stuff..have a look.
says - These Amazons may also have worshipped Aranyani, a Goddess of the forest who was usually heard rather than seen due to the bells she liked to wear. She may well be an earlier version of Kali, because she also avoided villages, was most active in the evening, and although Aranyani never killed without provocation, once aroused she was merciless and absolutely just. Aranyani tended the forest and all wild things, providing uncultivated foods. Later Indian traditions refer to Yakasis, women who lived in Aranyani's forests and kept away from villages. They were believed to have curious features and powers.

Aranyani The Courtesan's Lament (
About the Book:A tale of a hunter and a courtesan: the brave, noble Vanu, huntsman of the forest and the beautiful, graceful Aranyani child of the mountains. Theirs is a love that reverberates through time, a story that remains s eternal as the waters of the Ganga.

In their escape from Chromius, the callous Greek Yavana, and the proud Prince Harisena, and their search for Kashmir, the land of thousands of blossoms, the lovers encounter a place and its people that are vibrant in the sheer diversity of language, landscape and religious benefits.

This was a time of transition and change, of journeys and wanderings, of mysticism and spirituality. Set in an age of lush colours and exotic fragrances, strange myths and noble honour, the world of Aranyani and Vanu in Ancient India.

At, I found this -

The Birth of the Celestial Warlord

Parvati gave Shiva’s aura to the gods. “From this will rise the warlord you seek,” said the goddess.

The gods gave Shiva’s aura to Svaha, consort of Agni, the fire god. Unable to bear the heat of the auro and the god Agni for long, Svaha gave the aura to Ganga the river goddess who cooled it in her icy waters until Shiva’s aura turned into a seed.

Aranyani, the goddess of the forest, embedded the divine seed in the fertile forest floor where it was transformed into a robust child with six heads and twelve arms.(FUCKING HELL!)

The survival economy and forest conflicts

In the Rig Veda, forests are described as Aranyani or mother goddess who takes care of wildlife and ensures the availability of food to man. These ashramas and forests, not urban settlements, were recognised as the highest form of cultural evolution providing society with both intellectual guidance and material sustenance. - here, I found a mug shot of me! -
XIV. Deities Connected with Forest and Vegetation: 1. Vanaspati. 2. Sakambhari. 3. Tree Goddess. 4. Aranyani. 5. Vanadurga. 6. Vindhya Vasini Durga. 7. Katyayani. 8. Vanasankari.

I am a bed and breakfast somewhere in England. Charming.

Found bits of real me too...lists of dance performances I've had, an article I wrote on Iraq...hmmm. How interesting.e.g Le débat sera suivi d'un récital de danse (Bharatanatyam) par Aranyani Bhargava,Jeudi 18 mai 2006,à 18h30 Reid Hall

Ooooh...check this out -

In 1975, Leela joined the Sriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, Delhi and started there a department of Bharata Natyam. When she left the institute in 1990, there were over 60 students learning this southern Indian form. Since then, for the next fifteen years she has taught privately in the tradition of the guru-shishya parampara and has trained several dancers who have graced the Delhi stage with their particular sense of grace, knowledge and adherence to the best traditions of the Kalakshetra style. Among them are Aditi Jaitly, Aditi Rao, Aranyani Bhargava, Meenu Venkateshwaran, Priti David, Kapil Sharma, Bilva Raman, Nithya Raman, Amrita Lahiri, Mitsouko Takahashi and Yukiyo Kubota from Japan, Mohammed Anisul Islam from Bangla Desh, Alexis Chen and Justin McCarthy from the United States, Zhang Yun, Zheng Yun and Jin Shan Shan from China, Boun Phone from Laos and Sonia Galvao from Brazil.

My blog's on google too! Hehehehehe.

The Aranyani Institute
107 South Main Street
Fairfield, IA 52556......

uhhhhh? What is this?!


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I love noble vanu and graceful aranyani...hahaha
how are thee, my lovely goddess?

November 13, 2006 at 3:14:00 PM GMT+5:30  
Blogger Sylvan Goddess said...

I'm good...perhaps vanu should've been gannu...then the story would've made more sense :P i'm good. change in weather has brought about another cough! jeez.

November 13, 2006 at 7:40:00 PM GMT+5:30  
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check out
it will amuse you greatly

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