Saturday, January 08, 2011

No One Killed Jessica

Wow. What a disappointment. The movie was empty. The acting was bad. The story was monotonous. The struggle was already known. The emotions didn't seem real. The tragedy of it all didn't come across. And given that it was publicised so much by the media, one hoped to see something more than what the media has already told us. Nothing.

Rani Mukherji played the stereotypical aggressive journalist (somehow that translated into being a self proclaimed 'bitch') who swore (even the overdone spurts of 'fuck', 'F.O', 'son of a bitch', 'bastards', 'fucking' sounded all too fake), smoked (but never really inhaled) and had a lot of 'meaningless sex' (a badly lit make out scene that ended with her leaving the man high and dry just as things could have gotten 'steamy'). Vidya Balan was too subdued, her character remained static through the years...but she was definitely better than some of the others in the cast.

The lesser known actors did a better job than the leading ladies. The actor that I liked the most in the film was the police officer who was investigating the case. A pock-marked, pot-bellied man who seemed like the only genuine character in the film.

The only interesting part about the film was the glimpses the audiences got to see of the relationship between Sabrina and Jessica Lall, depicted in the form of flashbacks.

But on the whole, the film failed to display any sense of injustice, loss, sadness or anything. In fact, you came out of the theatre feeling pretty...blank.